How to effectively classify my works?

The proper classification of the works is essential not only to bring the customers but also to inform them and trigger the purchase! 

  1. Select the category 
    This is the main category of the work, painting, sculpture, photography 

  2. Select the techniques used to create the art 
    Indicate the main techniques used. You can choose several techniques, in several categories, especially if the work is created using mixed techniques. 

  3. Indicate the support or surface
    If the work is done on a substrate (canvas, paper), specify it. If the surface is not indicated, choose "other surface". 

  4. Specify the mount/rigid support (optional)  
You can specify all the other elements in the keyword section and description.

Common mistakes leading to artworks being refused:

  • Digital Prints classified as Paintings
    Images printed on canvas are not paintings, and must not be classified as paintings. They must be classified as digital art, or prints.
  • Digital art classified as Photos
    Digital Images with heavy post-production effects, or made with an App, and classified as photos. Artworks made mainly on a computer must be classified as digital art. Also, the "photos" category is only available for artists who are the actual photographer. If you edit a photo found on the internet, made by another photographer, it must be in the digital art category.
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