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Artmajeur Magazine 48 Pages
The Art Magazine by Artmajeur Artists

Artmajeur also publishes an art magazine to bring artists closer to their audience in real life.

Art Magazine distributed in Paper + Web version

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What is Artmajeur?

Artmajeur is a marketplace that links artists directly with buyers.

What makes Artmajeur unique?

Artmajeur at last democratizes the purchase of art by offering a direct and secure access to artists from all over the world. Transactions are really secured (Artmajeur acts as a third party to secure payment), and really direct (you can contact artists freely).

How does it work ?

  • Buyer pays Artmajeur
  • Seller ships artworks
  • Artmajeur pays the seller

For who?

Artmajeur is aimed at all artists (amateurs and professionals), art galleries and art lovers.

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