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What is Artmajeur?

Artmajeur is a marketplace that links artists directly with buyers.

For who?

Artmajeur is aimed at all artists (amateurs and professionals), art galleries and art lovers.

How does it work ?

The buyer interested in a work contacts the artist, then sends the payment directly to him. The artist receives the payment and sends the work.

What makes Artmajeur unique?

Artmajeur at last democratizes the purchase of art by offering a direct and secure access to artists from all over the world. Transactions are really secured (protected by Paypal), and really direct (zero commission on sales).

How much does it cost to sell?

Sign up and present 10 of your best artworks: 100% free forever. Upgrade for unlimited images and exclusive services to protect, promote and sell artworks for just $4.08/month!

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Art Magazines by Artmajeur

In addition to its online marketplace approach, Artmajeur also publishes two art magazines to bring artists even closer to their public.

Artmajeur Occitanie
Le magazine des Art Visuels en Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditérranée

Artmajeur Magazine
Le magazine des artistes de Artmajeur