Mosaic sculptures for sale

97 Original Contemporary Sculptures For Sale | Mosaic What is the best way to buy a mosaic sculpture online?   You are looking for a new[...]

97 Original Contemporary Sculptures For Sale | Mosaic

What is the best way to buy a mosaic sculpture online?


You are looking for a new piece of artwork that will decorate perfectly your home. How do you get started? 

A modern sculpture, which can be found in a range of shapes and materials like mosaic, is an excellent way to bring life into your home's interior.

 A mosaic sculpture is a modern artwork, which may be small, large or monumental and even shown both inside and outside the home. 

A growing number of people are getting interested in mosaic art. Continue reading if you want to buy a mosaic sculpture on the internet, or if you want to find out where to get it from the finest online store, we are here to assist you at ARTMAJEUR.COM. 

We sell a large variety of sculptures. You will definetely find a mosaic sculpture to buy online that you will love whether you are already a collector or starting to collect art for the first time.

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Sculpture titled "Leão" by Kelly Melgar, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Leão - Sculpture, 0.6x0.6x1.2 in ©2023 by Kelly Melgar - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Mythology, Leão, Força, Guardião, beleza, arte, magnetismo, rei, poder

Mosaic | 0.6x0.6x1.2 in

On Request
Prints from $26.96
Sculpture titled "Thainlandia" by Roberto Rubiola, Original Artwork, Mosaic Mounted on Wood Panel
Thainlandia - Sculpture, 23.6x47.2x2 in ©2022 by Roberto Rubiola - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Seascape

Mosaic | 23.6x47.2x2 in

Sculpture titled "D.N.A." by Gianni Mattu, Original Artwork, Mosaic Mounted on Wood Panel
D.N.A. - Sculpture, 31.5x31.5x1.6 in ©2019 by Gianni Mattu - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, World Culture, sardegna, cultura sardegna, storia, archeologia, pane carasau, mosaico, ossidiana, smalti, marmo

Mosaic | 31.5x31.5x1.6 in

Prints available
Sculpture titled "tiger mask" by Alexandra Yakunina, Original Artwork, Mosaic
tiger mask - Sculpture, 27.6x19.7x0.6 in ©2022 by Alexandra Yakunina - Abstract, abstract-570, Cat, tiger, cat, abstract, black, eye, mosaic, pano, animal, predator, grapnel, pussycat, lady cat, gib
"tiger mask"

Mosaic | 27.6x19.7x0.6 in

Prints available
Sculpture titled "Walkman" by Pier Esparre, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Walkman - Sculpture, 4.7x3.5x1.6 in ©2020 by Pier Esparre - Abstract, abstract-570, Video Game

Mosaic | 4.7x3.5x1.6 in

Sculpture titled "Gisement 9" by Philippe Rossi Mosaïste, Original Artwork, Mosaic Mounted on Wood Panel
Gisement 9 - Sculpture, 4.7x6.7x0.4 in ©2023 by Philippe Rossi Mosaïste - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044
"Gisement 9"

Mosaic | 4.7x6.7x0.4 in

Sculpture titled "Mosaïque Silence et…" by Signature Mosaique ®, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Mosaïque Silence et parole - Sculpture, 22.4x11.4x0.8 in ©2021 by Signature Mosaique ® - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, désert, contemplation, or, orangées, rose, mosaique, silence, parole
"Mosaïque Silence et parole"

Mosaic | 22.4x11.4x0.8 in

Sculpture titled "Florentine" by Francine Bonnet, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Florentine - Sculpture, 15.9x9.8x1 in ©2020 by Francine Bonnet - Geometric, geometric-572

Mosaic | 15.9x9.8x1 in

Sculpture titled "Mosaic "Kingfisher…" by Alena Masterkova, Original Artwork, Mosaic Mounted on Cardboard
Mosaic "Kingfisher on the lotus" - Sculpture, 9.8x13.8x0.4 in ©2020 by Alena Masterkova - Classicism, classicism-933, Bird, kingfisher, pompeian, bird, ancient, antic, mosaic, Pompeii
"Mosaic "Kingfisher on the lotus""

Mosaic | 9.8x13.8x0.4 in

Prints available
Sculpture titled "Niece ~ ELIZAVETA M…" by The Planet Malisa, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Niece ~ ELIZAVETA MEZHIDOVA - Sculpture, 27.6x31.9x0.4 in ©2022 by The Planet Malisa - Portrait, mosaic, mosaic glass, realistic art, mosaic realistic, mosaic people, The Planet Malisa

Mosaic | 27.6x31.9x0.4 in

On Request
Sculpture titled "Solitude" by Faouzi Hajlaoui, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Solitude - Sculpture, 47.2x23.6x2.8 in ©2021 by Faouzi Hajlaoui - Figurative, figurative-594, Love

Mosaic | 47.2x23.6x2.8 in

Sculpture titled "She Is Rejected Amo…" by Xthief Xconvict, Original Artwork, Mosaic
She Is Rejected Among - Sculpture, 3x23x9 in ©2018 by Xthief Xconvict - Abstract, abstract-570, Wood Panel, Trash, Office, Acrylics, Police Station, Linnet
"She Is Rejected Among"

Mosaic | 3x23x9 in

Not For Sale
Sculpture titled "Night Waterlily - B…" by Julia Gorbunova, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Night Waterlily - Black Edition - Sculpture, 35.4x35.4x0.8 in ©2022 by Julia Gorbunova - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, artpanel, silver, black, contemporary, round, wallsculpture, decor
"Night Waterlily - Black Edition"

Mosaic | 35.4x35.4x0.8 in

Sculpture titled "Autumn holidays nex…" by Elena Kirillova, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Autumn holidays next year. 3d mosaic - Sculpture, 33.5x24.4x1.6 in ©2022 by Elena Kirillova - Figurative, figurative-594, Forest, forest, trees, bright, red, landscape, hope, autumn, sky, light
"Autumn holidays next year. 3d mosaic"

Mosaic | 33.5x24.4x1.6 in

Prints available
Sculpture titled "QR keyboard" by Alberto Kissola, Original Artwork, Mosaic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
QR keyboard - Sculpture, 24x24x1.2 in ©2022 by Alberto Kissola - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric, clavier
"QR keyboard"

Mosaic | 24x24x1.2 in

Prints available
Sculpture titled "Flora" by Julee Latimer, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Flora - Sculpture, 36.2x36.2x1.6 in ©2022 by Julee Latimer - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Flower, contemporary bohemian, striking pattern, earthy color, rich and warm, bold and different, innovative technique, natural pigments, modern mandala, interesting and original, eye-catching texture, textural art, black grey ochre, burnt orange and terracotta, flower patterns, goddess art, Flora Roman goddess, 3D artwork, large square artwork, elegant sophistication, individual and unique

Mosaic | 36.2x36.2x1.6 in

Sculpture titled "Flamants roses" by Christine Louchet, Original Artwork, Mosaic Mounted on Wood Panel
Flamants roses - Sculpture, 23.6x31.5x0.4 in ©2022 by Christine Louchet - Figurative, figurative-594, Animal, flamant rose, oiseau, figuratif, art contemporain, mosaique, bird
"Flamants roses"

Mosaic | 23.6x31.5x0.4 in

Sculpture titled "The Dream" by Sergey Boyarintsev, Original Artwork, Mosaic
The Dream - Sculpture, 19.7x55.1x55.1 in ©2020 by Sergey Boyarintsev - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, mosaic, difficulty, gravity, composition, complex, geometry, material, magic, dream, design, star, space, energy, mosaïque, rêver, espace
"The Dream"

Mosaic | 19.7x55.1x55.1 in

Sculpture titled "Schmuck-Kiste" by Daniel Rohrbach, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Schmuck-Kiste - Sculpture, 5.1x7.1x1.6 in ©2022 by Daniel Rohrbach - Oriental Art, oriental-art-940, Color

Mosaic | 5.1x7.1x1.6 in

Sculpture titled "Mandala Mosaïque (L…" by Patrice Preveirault, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Mandala Mosaïque (La mosaïque) - Sculpture, 23.6x35.4x0.8 in ©2022 by Patrice Preveirault - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric
"Mandala Mosaïque (La mosaïque)"

Mosaic | 23.6x35.4x0.8 in

Sculpture titled "Lumière I" by Emmanuel Brocart, Original Artwork, Mosaic Mounted on Other rigid panel
Lumière I - Sculpture, 35.4x66.9x2 in ©2022 by Emmanuel Brocart - Abstract, abstract-570, Color, Lumière, mosaÏque, verre, pate de verre, couleur, artabstrait
"Lumière I"

Mosaic | 35.4x66.9x2 in

Sculpture titled "ΥΔΩΡ 2" by Αφροδιτη Ζαμπετακη, Original Artwork, Mosaic Mounted on Other rigid panel
ΥΔΩΡ 2 - Sculpture, 17.7x17.7x0.8 in ©2022 by Αφροδιτη Ζαμπετακη - Abstract, abstract-570, sea, lake, water, river, blue
"ΥΔΩΡ 2"

Mosaic | 17.7x17.7x0.8 in

Prints available
Sculpture titled "Rolling stones Favo…" by Xaro, Original Artwork, Mosaic Mounted on Wood Panel
Rolling stones Favorite Playlist - Sculpture, 52x48x1.2 in ©2021 by Xaro - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Music, musique, rock, Rolling stones, design, black, love
"Rolling stones Favorite Playlist"

Mosaic | 52x48x1.2 in

Sculpture titled "phare" by Olivier Vallée, Original Artwork, Mosaic
phare - Sculpture, 11.8x7.9x0.6 in ©2020 by Olivier Vallée - Figurative, figurative-594

Mosaic | 11.8x7.9x0.6 in

Prints available
Sculpture titled "Esprit es-tu air?" by Christine Kerfant, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Esprit es-tu air? - Sculpture, 25.6x17.7x1.6 in ©2018 by Christine Kerfant - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, estuaire, esprit, liberté, mouvement
"Esprit es-tu air?"

Mosaic | 25.6x17.7x1.6 in

Sculpture titled "Orage" by Fabienne Le Pajolec Moree, Original Artwork, Mosaic Mounted on Wood Panel
Orage - Sculpture, 15.8x15.8x0.8 in ©2022 by Fabienne Le Pajolec Moree - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, fabienne, mosaique

Mosaic | 15.8x15.8x0.8 in

Prints available
Sculpture titled "famille 2" by Laurent Hunzinger, Original Artwork, Mosaic
famille 2 - Sculpture, 4.7x4.7x1 in ©2022 by Laurent Hunzinger - Naive Art, naive-art-948, Landscape
"famille 2"

Mosaic | 4.7x4.7x1 in

Sculpture titled "Envol floral" by Gaetan Gasc, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Envol floral - Sculpture, 47.2x23.6x1.6 in ©2022 by Gaetan Gasc - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Flower, fleur, mosaique, ceramique
"Envol floral"

Mosaic | 47.2x23.6x1.6 in

Sculpture titled "Borders Spectral" by Sharon Bachner, Original Artwork, Mosaic Mounted on Wood Panel
Borders Spectral - Sculpture, 13x16x0.5 in ©2023 by Sharon Bachner - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, energy, mosaic, bold color, primary color, squiggle, organic, expressionism, beads, pandemic, polymer clay
"Borders Spectral"

Mosaic | 13x16x0.5 in

Sculpture titled "Variation on the th…" by Svitlana Karunska, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Variation on the theme of Psyche - Sculpture, 37.8x12.2x6.3 in ©2019 by Svitlana Karunska - Psyche, Svitlana Karunska,, sculpture
"Variation on the theme of Psyche"

Mosaic | 37.8x12.2x6.3 in

Sculpture titled "Bouteille en mosaïq…" by Cassio-Galet, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Bouteille en mosaïque - Sculpture, 11.8x11.4x3.2 in ©2021 by Cassio-Galet -
"Bouteille en mosaïque"

Mosaic | 11.8x11.4x3.2 in

Sculpture titled "Dragon ball ô Lego" by Pix'Elle Art Mosaïque, Original Artwork, Mosaic Mounted on Wood Panel
Dragon ball ô Lego - Sculpture, 19.7x19.7x0.4 in ©2022 by Pix'Elle Art Mosaïque - Street Art, street-art-624, Cartoon, dragonball, pixel, pixelart, mosaïque
"Dragon ball ô Lego"

Mosaic | 19.7x19.7x0.4 in

Sculpture titled "Depths of Antiquity" by Dmitrii Solodcenco, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Depths of Antiquity - Sculpture, 118.1x118.1x2 in ©2020 by Dmitrii Solodcenco - Figurative, figurative-594, Tree, #decorative_panel, #woodpanel, #walldeco, #wood_wall_art, #homedeco, #woodmosaic
"Depths of Antiquity"

Mosaic | 118.1x118.1x2 in

Sculpture titled "Castropolitia - Κασ…" by Νεκτάριος Μπερτότσο, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Castropolitia - Καστροπολιτεία - Sculpture, 49.2x196.9x7.9 in ©2005 by Νεκτάριος Μπερτότσο - Geometric, geometric-572, Architecture, mosaic, medieval, stoneart, 5-fold work
"Castropolitia - Καστροπολιτεία"

Mosaic | 49.2x196.9x7.9 in

On Request
Sculpture titled "Manirak" by Pat Art, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Manirak - Sculpture, 24x1 in ©2023 by Pat Art - Pop Art, pop-art-615, Animal, éléphant, mosaïque, mosaic, ethnic, art, table, colors

Mosaic | 24x1 in

Sculpture titled "Installation made o…" by Veronika Posta, Original Artwork, Mosaic
Installation made of recycled materials - Sculpture, 118.1x118.1x118.1 in ©2021 by Veronika Posta -
"Installation made of recycled materials"

Mosaic | 118.1x118.1x118.1 in



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