Monthly update of the availability of works

Help us promote your works that are actually available!

10% sales are canceled because the works are no longer available
Customers invest a lot of time and energy in researching works before buying. Unfortunately, in 10% of cases, sales are canceled because the works purchased by customers are no longer available! There's nothing customers hate more than browsing or buying artwork that's already sold or no longer available!

Confirm the availability of your works at least once a month
We send an email notification every month to ask you if you have sold works outside of Artmajeur. This allows us to promote only your works that are actually available.

  • If you have sold works
    Click on the "YES" button and take a minute to update the availability of your works on your Artmajeur account. You can also take the opportunity to check your prices, or improve your presentation.

  • If you have not sold works
    Click the "NO" button; all your works for sale will be confirmed as available.

Update all works at once
To modify all the works at once, use the section: MY ACCOUNT > WORKS > MULTI-EDIT. You can modify, increase all your prices and confirm the availability of your works.

Need help?

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