Can I keep the views and favourites of a work if I create a new entry of this work?

No, if you load a new work, it has no favourites at first, and no view. It is not possible to assign statistics from another work in your gallery.

Important: If you delete a work, all information, put in favourites, statistics of this work are deleted (a very clear message is displayed on the screen). We strongly advise to never delete any artworks.

When you add new artwork, even if you load photos corresponding to artwork already present in your gallery, it is considered by the system as a separate work, without relation to another work possibly already on your gallery.

You can modify the image file of artwork as well as all the other elements of this work (title, description, price etc ...) by using the button MODIFY next to the artwork, there will be then no incidence of views, or additions to collections.

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