Multi-edit: Edit multiple works at once (bulk edit)

How to modify several works at the same time?

To modify the prices and the status of several works at the same time:

  1. Go to the section: My Account > Works > Multi-edit
  2. Make all the modifications on the works
  3. Save with the button at the bottom of the page

Repeat on the other pages to modify the other works.

Price Commission included, Excluding transport

Enter the price of the works, sales commission included , but without the cost of transport. The cost of transport will be added in addition, depending on the customer's country of delivery.

Price increase

You can increase the price of all the works at once: choose the percentage increase, then validate. The modification is immediate.

Artworks Availablity

Indicate the status of the works (for sale, sold, or unavailable).

Validation of availability for all works

If all the works are up to date and available for sale, you can validate the availability of all the works at once by clicking on the button.
Very Important: make sure that your works are available and validate your works at least once a month, so that the promotional effort is concentrated on your works for sale!
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