Can singulart or other galleries force me to close my account as part of an exclusivity clause?

Forcing you to close your account is an abusive exclusivity clause

We strongly discourage artists from accepting abusive exclusivity clauses from singulart or other galleries, if they are forcing you to remove your website or your artmajeur profile. 

Why is singulart forcing me to delete my profile and artworks on other platforms?

If you close your profiles or website, the deletion is permanent, you will lose all your backlinks, all your subscribers, all your fans who added your artworks to their favorites. All your investment and promotion for your profile will be gone forever.

By doing so, they secure the best place on Google for their own platform, and make sure you can not sell on any other platform. Even when you decide to stop the exclusivity after a few months, you will have no other opportunities, as all traffic associated with your name will be completely redirected to their website and it will take you tremendous efforts and investments to get some traffic back. This is very good for them, but it is not good at all for artists!

All your SEO will be gone forever and will take years to rebuild

Many artists want their freedom back from singulart after a few months, but now they have deleted their account and all their artworks and pages have been removed from google for such a long time, they are completely wiped from the internet: they must re-upload all their artworks, and it will take several years to rebuild their SEO and Google index.

Never accept to delete your artworks or profile

As a general rule, you should never accept an exclusivity contract on the internet in the first place. If you still want to give an exclusivity to a gallery on the internet, you should absolutely never be forced to delete your profile, your artworks or your website! Instead, you can set your artworks in status "not for sale" on other platforms so that you pledge to sell only with them, for the duration of the contract.

Can I accept an exclusivity for my original artworks, and sell prints on Artmajeur?

Yes, if you have accepted an exclusivity contract for the sale of your original artworks, it does not prevent you from selling other products (like prints or licences) on Artmajeur. This is another reason to refuse to be forced to delete your website, or your Artmajeur profile!

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