Why some of my data are missing or inconsistent ? (messages, notifications, statistics etc...)

Notifications about the activity of your account are sent to you via email (activity summary), and are also displayed on your account under sections: "NOTIFICATIONS" and "STATISTICS".

Theses information include:

  • Messages or reviews by visitors
  • Artworks added to favorites
  • New people following you
  • Activity of your network

Sometimes, you may notice some data in the statistics or notifications you received, and you can not find the corresponding message, reviews or new addition favorites. This is because the accounts of theses visitors my have been deactivated, made private, or suspended. 

Most collector's accounts are private: it is normal
When an account is made private by its owner, the account's data may not appear to the public, even if the activity was detected before the account was made private.

Suspended account's activity is hidden
For security reason, activity by suspended account may be hidden. In that case, you may see this activity in your statistics / notifications / emails, but the messages may be hidden.

What can you do about it?
There is nothing you should do about it: we always display the full data about activity or statistics to inform you about the true traffic and activity we detect on your site, even if on occasion, you will not be able to access or view all contents mentioned in the statistics or notifications.

Need help?

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