How to protect my images online and should I be concerned?

Images protection

Image theft is a legitimate problem for creators in the modern digital age. While there is no failsafe solution to protect your artworks, adopting best practices and using online galleries such as Artmajeur can help lessen the risk of theft and protect your work.

Artmajeur follows the best practices to protect your images

Helping artists and creators safeguard their images from theft on the internet is a top priority for Artmajeur. We therefore adhere to the following recommended practices:

  1. Use Watermarks and visible copyrights
    Putting a visible or invisible watermark to your images will dissuade image thieves by making it more difficult for them to utilize your image without being caught.

  2. Make digital licensing available
    By allowing customers to purchase a legal license, and cconveniently download a high definition image file, they can not say "they had no other options", and are much less likely to use your image without illegaly.

  3. Disable Right-clicking
    While an easily circumvented solution, putting a copyright notice beside your images notifies others that your work is protected by copyright law and that they may not use it without your permission.

  4. Display Low-resolution images
    Utilizing low-resolution images can make it more difficult for others to utilize your images for commercial purposes.

  5. Use Digital Rights Management (DRM) Technologies
    Digital rights management (DRM) solutions can assist restrict access to your photographs and prevent them from being downloaded or shared without permission.

  6. Constant supervision & monitoring
    Constantly monitoring your online images might help you discover instances of image theft and take proper action.

  7. Bringing awareness on copyrights and image protection
    Educating artists about copyright law and their rights as a creator can enable them to better protect their work and take the required actions when necessary.

While these basic procedures can help reduce the danger of image theft, Artmajeur also plays an important part in protecting your artworks. Here are a few ways Artmajeur is actively assisting you:

Worldwide Legal Protection

Images are protected with a certified timestamp at the time of their upload. The timestamp makes it possible to prove the anteriority of the creation of the artwork. It is a valid document that can be used in the 170 signatory countries of the Bern Convention on artistic creations.

Embedded Watermark Protection

Artmajeur is dedicated to preserving the copyright of its users. As part of our service, we put a watermark to your images, making it harder for others to steal your work.

Copyright Protection

Your copyright is displayed bellow your images on every page where they appear. It is also added to each description and meta-information about the artworks so that it also appears when your artworks are shared on social media.

Secure Archiving

Artmajeur stores your images on secure servers, reducing the likelihood that they will be taken by hackers or other harmful individuals.

Massive Exposure

Artmajeur assists you in promoting your work, which boosts the visibility of your artworks and make them simpler to locate, with proper credit.

Images Monitoring

Artmajeur employs a group of experts to monitor the Internet for cases of picture theft. If they discover that your work has been stolen, they can take action to have the images taken down.

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