How to delete an artwork?

You should not delete any artwork!
We strongly recommend that artists never delete artworks even if they are sold or unavailable.
  • The works sold reassure the visitors
  • Non-available works give a sense of rarity to your collection
  • Sold works are a proven record of success and help experts establishing your certified artist value
 If you delete artworks, then you lose:
  • all the positioning on the search engines
  • links from social networks
  • additions to collections & favourites
  • It is then necessary to start your entire SEO all over again!
If you still want to delete your artwork:
  2. Select the parent Gallery, then click on the image to delete
  3. Click on the red link DELETE at the very bottom of the page
NB: The deletion is immediate and permanent!

it is not possible to delete an artwork linked to an invoice, transaction, a price offer, or that has been sold as a print for example.
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