How to add a video?

Artmajeur accepts videos from popular streaming services like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or Instagram. You can add videos in several places:

  • in the additional views of your artworks
  • on your profile, blog, or news section
  • on a page of your PRO website


Upload the video on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or Instagram, then go to the page where your video is shown. For example, for the video on the following page:, the share link accessible from the SHARE button below the video is:

Add the video on an artwork (additional views)

  • Go on the work in your gallery, click on the button MODIFY next to the work
  • In the VIDEO field, Paste the share link and save

Add a video on My Artmajeur Profile

  1. Go to section MY ARTMAJEUR > NEWS
  2. Click on +ADD > VIDEO / TEXT
  3. In the blog content, click on the VIDEO button and paste the share link

Add the video on a page on my website

  • Create a free page, or access a free page of your site
  • Edit, or Add a TEXT content section
  • Click on the VIDEO button and paste the share link


Need help?

Friendly support staff is available to answer all your questions:

Help Center Message +33 (0)95 095 9966