How do I add supporting documents / invoices for sold artworks for AKOUN artist value certifications?

You can add proof of sale on the works of your gallery which have the status "SOLD".

To add a sold work, 2 solutions:

  • EDIT an existing work from your gallery and indicate the status to "SOLD"
  • ADD a new work to your gallery, and indicate its status to "SOLD".

Once you have works sold on your account:

  1. Go to section: MY ACCOUNT> WORKS> SOLD WORKS
  2. Click on work sold
  3. Load an invoice or supporting documentation in PDF or JPG format

To be validated, a sold artwork must present:

  • title
  • Dimensions
  • Sale price (confidential data, it will never be displayed to the public)
  • Sales invoice (confidential data, it will never be displayed to the public)

If elements are missing, please edit the work to complete all the information.

Sold prices are strictly confidential

The sale price and the invoice are strictly confidential, they do not appear to the public and they will never appear on your gallery.

Can I present artworks sold outside of Artmajeur?

Yes, you can present artworks sold anywhere. Presenting artworks already sold is a great push for sales, because it reassures customers as they understand how popular the artist is. It also creates both a sense of rarity and a sense of urgency to buy (before the artworks are sold to someone else!).

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