Can I add texts or watermarks (signature, copyright, date) to the photos of my works?

No, any text or additional elements added with a computer to the artworks photo is not autorised.

Please do not add any text, name, copyright or date on the photos of your works, the result is catastrophic on the popularity of your works:

  • Bad perception of your works
    The texts and elements added do not give a controlled and professional aspect to the presentation of your works.
  • Customer confusion
    The customer does not know if the work he will buy includes texts added or not.
  • Can not sell the image file or print it
    Images containing added text can not be sold as a digital license or as art prints.
  • The invalidity of the digital deposit certificate
    The digital repository protects your image legally worldwide, if texts are added to the computer, the image may no longer be identified.

Is it okay that I add text to protect my images (like a watermark)?
No, do not add any text to protect your images: it takes time, and it is not homogeneous nor professional. Your images are already protected on Artmajeur with the digital filing certificate, and you can use the automatic watermark feature to affix the watermark directly to all your images. Artmajeur watermark is convenient to add or remove, it does not alter the original image and it looks homogeneous and professional. You can activate it on section: My Account > Artworks > Protection

Can I add my signature or the date with a computer?
No, the signature of the artist is welcome if it is an integral part of the work, however, do not add text or signature with the computer because it distorts the work and it is not what the customer will receive.

What are the long term consequences of inserting texts on the photos of my artworks?
Works that contain text looks less appealing, they attract fewer visitors. Therefore, they receive less traffic and end up being downgraded on search engines, it's such a shame!

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