How to avoid scams and spot fake opportunities?

Artmajeur is a prominent marketplace that receives a lot of traffic from around the world. It is not possible to guarantee that all visitors are of excellent morality, but by simply following a few simple rules, you can totally guard yourself against all scam attempts

Make sure your contact is legitimate:
  • Check its location with the button "CHECK THIS CONTACT"
    Country, language, way of expressing themselves: if the information provided by the client does not seem consistent, ask them additional questions to find out more.
  • Look for their name on Google or the forums
Spot fake customers
  • The customer is required to continue the conversation outside of Artmajeur, or via email
  • Customer requests delivery by a carrier with strange or unconventional payment terms
  • The customer asks you to advance money in exchange for another service
  • The customer is "travelling to another country" and asks you to contact another person
  • The offer is too beautiful (the client wants to redecorate an apartment of 600m2)
  • The client inherited his uncle $ 25,000,000 who lives in Africa
  • The customer has a language that does not correspond to his name or the locality he declares
  Never communicate outside of Artmajeur
  • Communicate exclusively on your Artmajeur secure interface, never outside. Your email remains hidden and protected
  • Complete the transaction and payment from your Artmajeur order form
  Block and report unscrupulous contacts
  • When you detect a fraudulent contact, use the block and report feature so that the moderation team and other artists are notified!
  • No member of Artmajeur or payment provider will ask for your password
  • Your password must remain secret and must not be transmitted in ANY WAY
  Send the work after receiving the payment, never before!
  • Never send the package until you have verified that the money is in your bank account
  Do not give in to psychosis
  • The vast majority (99.99%) of visitors and customers are legitimate and serious.
  • Maybe a transaction will not succeed because the customer is no longer interested, or he does not have the budget, but he is nonetheless legitimate.
  • There is only a very tiny part of contacts that may not be legitimate, but it deserves your educated attention.

Do you want to report a scam? 
Use the reporting button above messages in section section: My Account > Messages
Need help?

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