How to promote and sell my works of art on the internet (for free)?

Get your first sales stage (these are the most difficult)

Let's be honest: selling art can be difficult. Making your first sales on the internet can be even more difficult, but it is possible to get there with the right methodology and by putting in the necessary effort. Above all, you have to stay motivated and believe in your work!

Artists who succeed in selling understand the importance of a platform like Artmajeur to benefit from tools for promoting and distributing their work. They invest a lot of time and energy to present their work in an optimal way, respond quickly to customer requests, and set up a commercial approach. You can read their testimonials on Artmajeur magazine.

Perfectly present your works for sale

Attracting visitors is only useful if they can see, appreciate and buy your works! To sell your works on the internet, you must start by having works for sale, with a perfect presentation. The better the works are presented, the more you increase the chances of selling!

  • Perfectly illustrated works, with beautiful well-centered photos
  • Additional photos for each work, and if possible a short video
  • Prices displayed with all the information (dimension, complete description, category etc...)
  • A complete and exhaustive presentation of the artist with a beautiful profile photo, a well-written biography, exhibition archives, awards received, press articles etc...

Also display your sold works!

The works sold reassure customers: they show that you are an active artist, and that your works are popular. It is very important to present works sold on your gallery.
In addition, when you sell works on Artmajeur, it increases your position in the ranking algorithm. The more you sell, the more the ranking algorithm will favor your works in the results lists.

Your works and your seller profile are optimized? Promote your gallery

Once your gallery is well presented, it is then necessary to promote your gallery as much as possible. Artmajeur offers many tips to help you promote your work:

  1. Build a positive online reputation

  2. Create your artist profile on Wikipedia

  3. Improve your ranking on Google

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