Build a positive e-reputation

Link your name to positive feedback and 5 star reviews

Your online reputation, web-reputation or e-reputation is very important: potential clients who are interested in your work will search for your name on Google, facebook or ratings and review sites like Trustpilot. Customers generally don't read comments because they are not necessarily written in their language, but they always look at the notes associated with the names of the artists.

Write 5-star reviews linked to your profile

This is very important for your SEO: the stars appear on the results and directly influence visitors: Write a positive message that makes customers want to buy! Always post reviews or messages with the same name that appears on your gallery.

Write a review on :

  1.  Trustpilot

  2.  SiteJaber

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  5.  Avis Artmajeur

Example of result that is displayed on Google results, with 5 stars:

Be courteous and professional in all circumstances

Whether you are dealing with prospects, former customers or even "difficult" customers, always master your communication because everything you write will remain on the internet and could influence your reputation. When you maintain serious and caring communication, customers will generally write positive comments and reviews about your work and the way you work: it's great for giving confidence to your future customers!

Get more positive reviews and ratings

The most recent reviews and comments have more value both for the ranking algorithms on Google, but also for potential customers. Getting positive reviews and comments on a regular basis is therefore very important to you. Do not hesitate to solicit your customers, your friends or your acquaintances, to ask them to write positive comments on your profile, this will have a significant impact on your reputation and your ranking on the internet.

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