How does the shipping/delivery work?

Good to know:
  1. Public prices displayed to customers include the price of delivery to their country
  2. Artmajeur calculates the automatic estimation of delivery costs worldwide. You can also offer your own delivery rates.
  3. In the event of a sale, our carrier picks up the parcel at your location
Who pays for shipping?
On your gallery, the cost of shipping is added to the artwork price and paid by the customer.

Who pays for returns?
Returns are paid by Artmajeur or by the seller. Artmajeur Returns policy covers all returns, except:

  • Shipping handled by the seller directly
  • Artwork arrived damaged due to a packaging unfit for securely transporting the work
Who packages the works?
The works are packaged by the seller under his exclusive responsibility.

How is it sent? 
If you choose Artmajeur, the carrier will come to your address to pick up the packaged work, when you want it. If you send it yourself you bring the package to your carrier.

How is the cost of delivery calculated?
we calculate the delivery costs with the dimensions of the work and the country of delivery. We only use PREMIUM / EXPRESS carriers like DHL.

How to configure the cost of delivery?
You can define your personalized delivery profiles in the MY ACCOUNT> SALES> DELIVERY section, or let Artmajeur estimate the delivery costs for all countries in the world.

Can I use my own carrier for my country, and let Artmajeur calculate the prices for the other countries?
Yes. To do this, define your delivery profiles only for your country, then leave the rest of the world free: the calculation will then be automatically carried out by Artmajeur.

If I use the automatic calculation by Artmajeur, can I send it myself in the event of a sale?
No. If you select Artmajeur for delivery, we will calculate the shipping fee and bill the customer for Express shipping. Customers will expect to receive premium express service from Artmajeur.

Can I limit shipping to certain countries only ?
No. All customers living in countries where Artmajeur operates shall be able to purchase yourworks.

Very large format works (packages of sizes greater than 300x160x120cm or > 1000kg)
for large works, the calculation is not automatic. The works, therefore, appear with the mention "price on request", and we must make a quote from a specialized carrier in the event of a customer request.

Where can I preview the cost of delivery?
  • When you enter the price of your artwork (select the desired delivery countries)
  • When you respond to a price offer
  • When you have sold a work

If Artmajeur sends the works, do I have to pay for the delivery?
Yes. The delivery amount will be advanced by Artmajeur, then deducted from your payment.

If I send it myself, do I have to pay for the delivery?
Yes. You must pay your carrier directly.

Who pays for shipping on Price Offers?
Attention: If a customer sends you a Price Offer, the offer includes transport. If you accept, you must pay for the transport. 
  • If you send yourself, you will pay the carrier directly
  • If you let Artmajeur send, the price will be indicated to you, and the amount will be deducted from your payment.
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