Who pays for the return shipping costs?

Customers have 14 days to return a purchase for any reason. This is a provision provided for by European consumer protection law.

Reassure customers to generate sales!
It is necessary to respect the legislation to sell legally, but it is also an opportunity to transform more potential visitors into customers: safety is a very important aspect from a commercial point of view, it reassures customers and helps generate more sales!

Who pays for the return shipping costs?
Return costs are free for the customer, they are always paid by Artmajeur, except in the following cases, where the return costs are the responsibility of the seller:

  • The package was not sent by Artmajeur (package sent directly by the seller)
  • The artwork arrived damaged (unsuitable packaging)
  • The description of the artwork is not correct

How to avoid returns?
The main reasons for a return are a change of mind by the buyer, or the artwork arrived damaged.

  • Add multiple photos of the artwork
    Always document your artworks extensively, using many additional views. This way, customers will know exactly what they buy and have no surprise on delivery.

  • Make a strong package, fit for transport
    A strong package do not break during transport. Many artists do not realize that, they prepare unfit packaging and loose 100% of their money when the package arrives damaged.
    Follow our guidelines for a strong packaging and include the packaging costs in your sale price!

Free shipping is a sales booster!
Studies show that customers buy more easily when delivery and returns are free, and return requests are less than 1% of transactions. We must therefore include the shipping and return costs in the cost of sale.

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