How to respond to price requests and price offers?

You have received a price offer or a price request?

To respond to the customer, go to section: MY ACCOUNT> MESSAGES> SALE.

Artwork not available?
If the work is sold, or not available, indicate it on the interface. The customer will be informed and will be able to browse your other works. Important: you must check the availability of your works on section "MY ACCOUNT> WORKS> PRICE AND AVAILABILITY". This way, we will promote your artworks that are actually available!

Delivery times: when can you send the work?
Indicate when you can send the package (from 1 day to + 2 months). The sooner the better for customers.

Make a counter-offer:
To make a counter offer to an offer you have received from a customer, decline their offer, then click the button: "Make New Offer".
NB: You cannot modify an active offer once it has been sent to the customer.

Suggest another work instead?
If you want to offer the client another work instead, add it to your Artmajeur gallery, with all the information and the price. Then, tell us the link to the work so that the customer can order if he wishes.

The customer pays Artmajeur by Credit Card with 3Dsecure. You will be paid by bank transfer or PAYPAL 15 days after delivery.

Firm price or Negotiation:
You can indicate that the price is negotiable if you agree to receive counter-offers.

Customer contact details:
At this stage, it is only a request for price. We only have the customer's country. If the customer orders, you will have all his contact details.

the amount of the sale commission appears on the home page of your account. (NB: EU residents must also pay VAT on the commission). The exact amount of the sales commission appears when you enter your price.

Atmajeur calculates the price and manages the delivery worldwide. You pack the artwork and the DHL delivery person picks it up from you. Delivery by Artmajeur is tracked and insured. The delivery estimate by Artmajeur is offered directly on the offer page, once you have confirmed all the required information.

  • The option of delivery by Artmajeur is only available when you have filled in all the fields (dimensions, weight, price, type of packaging, etc.)
  • If the price of transport by Artmajeur is greater than 50% of the price of the work, it will not be available. You will have to send the package yourself
  • If the dimensions of your package are over 300x200x160cm and 1000kg, please contact us

Customs fee
If there are import charges, or customs charges, they will be calculated on arrival, and paid by the customer separately.

Additional photos:
Edit the work on your account to add additional photos of the work (a detail, the back face, the side). Customers can see the work better, this often helps trigger the sale!

How does it work?
For more information on the sales process, you can browse the section:

NB: We only promote works for guaranteed and secure sales by Artmajeur.

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