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Susanna Patras

Reno, Nevada, United States
Artist (Photography)
Born 1969
Nature provides me with the power to reconnect with my inner self.

Susanna Patras works as a professional photographer.  She photographing nature, or natural subjects in her studio, focusing on low-key black and white landscapes, seascapes, plants, and abstracts.

Her images, which are influenced by Asian and European minimalism as well as Ansel Adams' dramatic landscapes, strive to portray a peaceful moment of reflection in nature rather than serve as a record of the location.

Susanna Patras is a Romanian artiste. She relocated to the United States in 1998. She graduated from Sessions College for Professional Design and the New York Institute of Photography. Her work has been featured in periodicals such as Landscape Photography Magazin, Light, A Journal of Photography and Poetry, and others, and has won numerous international honors. Susanna Patras is a member of the Houston Center for Photography in the United States and the Union of Romanian Artists (UAPR).

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