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Paul Stowe

St. Ives, United Kingdom
Artist (Drawing, Digital Arts)
Born 1970

Paul Stowe is a contemporary British artist. In the UK, Stowe is regarded as one of the best-known and most successful pencil artists working. Addressing particularly the themes of animals, portraits, and still life, his work is distinguished by hyperrealism, new and visionary lighting which differentiates him singularly from the other artists.

His original work adorns walls all over the world, and his customers include cruise ships, wineries, research institutes, animal charities, and private homes, with sales in over 30 countries. Since becoming a professional artist in 2016, Stowe has received accolades from all over the world. After exhibiting and selling work in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand, he now resides in the Centre for Contemporary British Art and the Tate Modern Gallery in St. Ives, Cornwall. His work has also appeared in hundreds of magazine and journal articles. Stowe was recently featured on the hit TV show "Color in Your Life," which has been shown all over the world.

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