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Paul Minotto

fallbrook, California, United States
Artist (Digital Arts, Collages)
Born unknown date
It's not whether you win or lose, are rich or poor, live or die. It's how well you've been entertained.

I looked within her eyes

a sky of blue million smiles

floating amongst the clouds


Everyone wants to see into them

like some sort of exotic gems


Black ladders reach upward

on which everyone climbs for miles

But the further one goes

the further away are the smiles


Eventually everyone falls one by one

landing in black boxes labeled "beans"

climbing, falling again


As the blue million smiles multiply

so do the ladders boxes people

climbing, falling faster


At a blue billion smiles

the ladders fall, the boxes crumble

everything stops to a sudden silence




Beans for everyone.


I looked away as someone farted.



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