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Saint-Dolay, France

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The longest journey begins with a first step.

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Nathalie Picoulet was born in Amiens in 1968.Fascinated by drawing, she studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Amiens and at the Higher School of Design in Amiens.Then she turns towards the history of art to finally choose to engage in an artistic career.She discovers pastel, which will remain her favorite technique and it is with this medium that she deals with the subject of women.In 2005 she was named Pastellist Master by the Society of Pastellists of France and won in 2018 the first prize of the Salon "Art Capital" at the Grand Palais of Paris.Each work of the pastellist is the fruit of immense work, of patience and precision and a sweet and pregnant emotion transpires through his incredible technical mastery.


Albrecht Dürer, Edgar Degas, Quentin de La Tour, istvan sandorfi, Claude Monet


1991-1993 ESAD Ecole Supérieure d'Art et de Design Amiens, France
1988-1990 Université d'arts plastiques Amiens, France

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Nathalie Picoulet

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2005 Reçu le titre de Maître Pastelliste par la Société des pastellistes de France. Paris, France