Artist Value Certification by AKOUN

Become a Certified listed Artist!

Certification established in collaboration with Akoun, the world leader in art market information since 1985.

Just $139.00 +VAT

This offer includes:

  • 1 official Artist value certificate, downloadable in PDF format
  • Publication of your certificate on Artmajeur
  • You profile gets featured on section "Certified Artists"
  • Publication of the artist value on AKOUN's international database (
  • Publication of the artist value on AKOUN's contemporary artists values reference book (sold in book shops and on Amazon)
Get your certified artist value!

Get your Official Artist Price established by a certified Art Appraisal Expert! You will need to provide us with full information and documents about your previous sales. Your clients will be able to buy your work with more confidence and trust !

In partnership with AKOUN, Artmajeur offers to officially certify your artist value.

Mr. J -A. Akoun with his team and an auctioneer will establish your official artist value on the basis of documents supporting all public or private sales you have made. This average value will be determined relative to a 15P size (65x50 cm) for paintings. For other types of works of art (sculpture , photography , prints etc ...), the value is determined on the basis of a representative work (similar theme & dimensions).

Certification is established within 15 days, it usually has a validity of 2 years, after which a new certification procedure can be initiated. You can also order a new certification each year if the evolution of your sales requires it.

Where certification is accepted, it is published in the AKOUN art databases, and art reference books (website, print publications ). These data are consulted worldwide by experts in art, galleries, art lovers etc...

Being listed officially became a vital asset to sell better!

How does it work ?

Make sure all prices on your current works of art are set and correct!

You will need to provide experts with the following documents:
- At least 3 previous sales records
- Biographical text, including your philosophy, preferred techniques, and important events of your career (shows, awards etc...)
Sales can be backed up by sales certificates, invoices, public sales records or any appropriate documents that can be considered by the experts.
Once you have sent all your documents, you will receive an answer within about 15 days.

You have not sold any artwork yet ?

If you have no documented sales, an expert will provide an evaluation, just like in public auction sales.

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Publication of the artist value on AKOUN's contemporary artists values reference book (sold in book shops and on Amazon).

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Jacques-Armand Akoun has been an art dealer since 1973. He was born in Paris in 1947 and more specifically near the Place du Tertre in Montmartre, a place loved by the great painters of the nineteenth century. At eight he met Utrillo. At eleven he learned a lot along with Desnos. At fifteen he sympathizes with Heuzé (JA Akoun is now the expert of these two artists). Victor Brauner at 72 Bis Rue Lepic encourages him in this art life. On the advice of Camoin he tried to paint and sells poulbots in tourists places. He attended Csaky, Gen Paul, Moretti, Lagage, Naly, Oguiss, Quellier, Rouault, Sjogren, Zingaro, Dubuc, Dupuy, Lourenço, Bonas, Delval...
He became passionate at antique markets and auction houses before becoming himself a merchant and expert at Drouot auction houses .
It is primarily for professional use that he started to list auctions results and aggregate average prices. J-A Akoun then changed direction to pursue a career in publishing. His publication "La Cote des peintres", a reference book containing sales results and average prices was first released in 1985 and proved immediately a successful bestseller.
J-A Akoun has been ever since working on collecting sales data, evaluating and certifying artists values, they are published on his famous reference books and several websites on the internet.

Jacques-Armand Akoun portrait

Jacques-Armand Akoun
Art Expert


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