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Camille Tagini

Artiste (Peinture, Arts numériques)
Né(e) en date inconnue
Il faut commencer par éprouver ce qu'on veut exprimer. Vincent Van Gogh

Camille TAGINI is a multidisciplinary artist from Paris (France) who skillfully reinvents the Renaissance & American Realism to the contemporary scene. She is selected by Artmajeur’s committee and foreign art experts. 

Using mostly oil paints, Camille crafts beautiful impressionist artworks with the original surrealistic touch. Her work aims to captivate the audience and lift their mood with bold and bright palettes. After completing her studies at Ecole nationale supérieure de passage (Versailles, France) in 2015, she exhibited her first professional pieces at The Holy Art Gallery - Hackney Downs Studio (London). 

In constant search of freedom, Camille Tagini depicts a place that would allow another vision of our world. Her pictures are very inspired by the following themes: hysteria, female sexuality, soul’s wandering, the brevity of the moment and the search for lightness. 

Using mostly oil paints, Camille crafts beautiful impressionist paintings with the original surrealistic touch. Her work aims to captivate the audience and to examine the physical, mental, and social symptoms of our disordered world.

Today, her unique artistic style with a surreal touch is especially appreciated in contemporary art. It wasn't always like that. Like any artist, Camille started small. In 2019 she decided to step away from her job as an economist and commit to putting all her energy into her passion: photography and painting.

Pay attention to the modern and unique interpretation of the artist's impressionism. When you see Camilles’ paintings for the first time - you are captured by a diversity of palettes’ colors. 

People like to drown in the beauty and depth of Camilles' original paintings.

The artist uses mixed media and has her own views on the modern world: the search for hidden beauty and a constant search for freedom. Thus, Camilla rejects traditional painting. Camilla expresses the beautiful floating landscapes and an abstract figurative work in her artworks.

Today you can find Camilla's in private collections in France, England and Monaco, but she also continues to paint on demand. Versatile personality. Like many successful artists.

Découvrez les oeuvres d'art contemporain de Camille Tagini, parcourez les oeuvres d'art récentes et achetez en ligne. Catégories: artistes contemporains français (né(e) en date inconnue). Domaines artistiques: Peinture, Arts numériques. Type de compte: Artiste , membre depuis 2022 (Pays d'origine France). Achetez les dernières œuvres de Camille Tagini sur Artmajeur: Découvrez de superbes oeuvres par l'artiste contemporain Camille Tagini. Parcourez ses oeuvres d'art, achetez des oeuvres originales ou des impressions haut de gamme.

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