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Marina Petrova

Череповец, Россия
Художник (Картина)
Родился в 1982

  Marina Petrova (b.1982) is the russian artist. The   main medium are oil paints, acrylic and texture. Marina Petrova positions herself as an artist who shows in her work all facets of the female nature and their position in society.Marina Petrova studied at the graphic arts department of the Cherepovets state university. She lived in India for several years, studying local culture and religion. And already there she saw and felt the unequal attitude of society and men towards women. Also, communicating with people from different countries, she saw that this         problem is relevant for women of any country and nationality. And she could not help expressing her attitude to this problem in her work.Support, self-love and confidence are the main goals and calls of her work.

Oil, acrylic and texture are the tools i work with. I paint pictures for 4-10 hours almost every day. Sometimes it is born instantly, sometimes difficult and painful. But each time is a complete dedication! I passionately want to support women who are insecure, self-conscious and reluctant to accept their body through my paintings.

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