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I believe that the picture may not only be a suitable home accessory, but it may also be a source of joy, inspiration, peace and harmony.

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Martina Benková was born in Gelnica, Slovakia in year 1971. Gelnica was an important mining town of Slovakia. As a child, she found fulfillment in dance, fine arts, music and caring for pets. Even then, she realized that colors were all around us in amazing and often unexpected combinations, and if we wanted to experience them, all we had to do was tune in to their vibration. But, like many others, her childhood was influenced by various circumstances, and they were not always inclined to her creative desires. Once the appropriate school was too far away, at the other time the dormitory of the other school was too expensive, and all in all to pursue “art thing” at the time of her childhood was not a sufficiently "pragmatic and practical" decision in that times.

Today I am surrounded by several pet animals of mine and my four beautiful children no longer need me full time as they grew up already, so I have a chance to fulfill my old dreams. By painting in the technique I love, I want to try to capture or convey a reflection of the emotions of the moments or the status, perhaps the energy of lived moments as I perceive them. The creativity of combining color shades into harmonious shapes has never ceased to exist in me.

I believe that each of us is unique and each of us perceives "the same" things around us with a different view. A good example is music and our favorite song. Also the perception of colors makes us unique beings, because only the art work of your choice will most harmonize with your emotional subconscious, intuition and inner energy. We know many of the fascinating shapes of the kaleidoscopic patterns and as children were kidnapped by such patterns, many of us had the opportunity to experience the uplifting experience of looking at the stained glass windows of temples, mosques, or synagogues and so we could feel the experience of the day lighted colors of the glass slides mounted by the artist. Each art work is unique and unrepeatable, each one is an original fully reflecting energy in which it was originated regardless of the technique used by the artist, or its size could not be created without love or without a piece of artist itself. 

But if the art has to bring joy or pleasure to its consumer – the person to whom is addressed, I have to admit that the opportunity to create myself also gives me an amazing space to grow and learn to perceive and also allows me to fulfill my passion for self-realization. I will be glad if my art work will be for you an experience of joy, inspiration, or if it helps you evoke a feeling of peace or perhaps an experience of aesthetics of harmony.


harmony, nature, emotions

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Solo Expositions

2018 Let yourself be carried away by the harmony of colors Bratislava, Slovakia

Collective Expositions

2019 2nd ART Expo Ljubljana Ljubljana, Slovenia

2018 WHO LIGHTED LAMPS Bratislava, Slovakia