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Armen Ghazayran (Nem)

Seattle, Washington, United States
Artist (Painting, Digital Arts)
Born 1958

Armen Ghazayran is a contemporary Armenian painter, architect and designer. He has designed the architecture for a variety of condos, private houses, shops, restaurants, and public buildings. Among the most prominent of these are the exterior of the Central Bank of Armenia and a mural for the restaurant in that bank. He has also contributed to the design of four Five-Star Hotels in Yerevan, including the “Golden Palace”, and a 215,000 square foot multifunctional resort and rest area in the ski-resort town of Tsakhkadzor. He is also the designer of the HSBC Bank in downtown Yerevan, of a bank branch for Gazprom in Yerevan, and a Yerevan America Bank branch.

Armen Ghazaryan was born in 1958, in Armenia, where he graduated from the Yerevan Institute of Art. He is a member of the Armenian Designer’s Union and the International Association Society of Designers. He has presented his works in Armenia, Russia, Europe, Canada, and in the US. He lives and works in the United States.

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