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Anita Zotkina

Natick, Massachusetts, United States
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born unknown date
I paint, so I could remember my dreams

I have been painting my whole life.  Creating art is time-consuming, expensive and messy, but I do it anyway, just because I need to bring my fantasies into the material world.  

I view my head as a dormitory, where roommates randomly appear and decide to organize a creative party.  I’m aware that my head is a mess, sometimes it is a joyful mess, sometimes it is a painful mess, but it is never dull, it is always colorful, chaotic and grandiose, and time to time it turns into a magnificent theater that runs big and vibrant shows with many characters that entertain and arise a whole slew of emotions.

So, my art is a bridge between the activities in my head and the reality, and painting is my voice, with which I tell my story to the world.  

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