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Yuliia Chaika

Torrevieja, Spain
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born unknown date
The artist is able to bestow splendor through images in art

Yuliia Chaika is a young Ukrainian artist who works with various types of art such as painting, illustration, icon painting, digital art, jewelry, and leatherworking. In her work, Yuliia seeks inspiration in nature, mythology, and literature, as well as everyday objects. In search of her identity, the artist experiments a lot, and therefore in her creative heritage, you can find various genres, such as still life, landscape, and portrait art.
Having received an academic education at the Boychuk Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts, the artist devoted most of her career to creating jewelry and icon painting, but after moving to Spain in 2020, she was completely captured by painting.

Participated in the international jewelry exhibition Jeweler-Expo 2017, 2018, 2019, Kiev. Took 3rd place in the competition "Decorative and Applied Arts" 2019

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