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Artist (Painting, Digital Arts)
Born unknown date
Wabyanko Emerging French Artist with unique original creative Art Painting styles Neoexpressionism streetart abstract

French Self Taught Artist creating to open eyes on a better world. Leaving in France, having a clientele of private & international collectors in USA, Europe and Asia.

Wabyanko has a strong desire to express his internal feeling to share observations on various Society Thema, Human behaviours and aim of Life. Willing to share and initiate the process of brainstorming and boost imaginary world of eachone.

The Artist express his feelings on various medias such as acrilyc painting or digitals. Used to create mobile application at the early stage. Now, Wabyanko focus mainly on acrilyc painting on paper and canvas, and sometimes mixing digital creation such as the poetical Flower Butterfly animation. Taking time to refine a dedicated style and inovating esthetism, revisiting also some famous Artworks from Art History. Exploring various Universe from Abstract Art, cubism, expressionnism till neo-expressionism and Street Art trying to reach the minimalism contains having a big impact. His style can be recognised by the generous primary colors bringing a huge contrast with still visual harmony. Strokes are painted with strong and fast energetic movements with high intensity, no mistakes, every lines are witnesses of high emotional feelings.

Spectator are surprised by the unusual visual strong colors still in an harmonious composition, Strong attractivity, inviting to internal brainstorming. Some people telling their interest to follow the Artist for the Deep contains and messages coming from the Artworks

2023 Mars - Art exhibition Eclats d'Art NANTES

2023 January - NFT released at OPENSEA The Art Cycle

2023 January - ArtFair ART3F Exhibition Paris France

2022 November - ArtFair ART3F Exhibition Brussels Belgium

2022 June - Akoun certification for Wabyanko - Akoun world leader in Art Market information. 

2022 - Ukraine Bloody shark attack Virtual Art exhibition at KunstMatrix Artspaces

2022 - Artworks featured by Balthasart Emerging Artists Curators 

2021 - Artworks featured by ArtMajeur in Art Collection inspired by Movies 

2020 - November Etretat Orange Artwork inspired by Claude Monet Featured by Artmajeur Great Masters.

2020 - August Sothebys London Sunday Challenge, painting Sun painting auction

2020 - July 07-09 - International event fortunehealth FORTUNE Brainstorm Health Virtual conferences Featured in the Art selection related to Covid19 impacts lockdown economy mental health and what is next...

2019 - Featured by Marina Bay Sands Singapore for Art painting Singapore neon skyline
2018 - Featured by Gardens by the bay for Art painting Singapore Marina Bay Skyline dragon

Ecole School and University : I do appreciate that my Artworks have been used as material supports for teaching lessons. Teachers, feel free to use for non commercial used.

Registered at : French Maison des Artistes

French Artist identified via SIRET

Discover contemporary artworks by Wabyanko, browse recent artworks and buy online. Categories: contemporary french artists (born unknown date). Artistic domains: Painting, Digital Arts. Account type: Artist , member since 2006 (Country of origin France). Buy Wabyanko's latest works on Artmajeur: Discover great art by contemporary artist Wabyanko. Browse artworks, buy original art or high end prints.

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