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Gai Yu

.., China
Artist (Digital Arts, Photography)
Born unknown date

Gai Yu was born in 1962. He graduated from Shandong University of Art & Design of China and his major is Department of Graphic Arts Design.

He is an Assistant of Arts Design Specialist …
has been mainly engaged in various visual art graphic design and the creation of oil painting,also dabble in photography ,digital art,sculpture ...


He works as a graphic designer...



2015 Invitation Exhibition of Art Expo Milano , Italy

2009 India National Design Source Net 

2021 , the Return International Art Festival ,Weimar Germany

2018 the 10th C.P.N.O. International Exhibition of Photography China

2008 Invitation Exhibition of GaiYu’s  Work in Osijek Gallery, Croatia

2022 Artists Forum of Kolkata International Photography Circuit ,India

2020 2nd HOTSHOT SALON International Exhibition of Photography , India


2009 Subway ( International) Video Exhibition in Berlin, Germany

2012 the 4th C.P.N.O. International Exhibition of Photography China

2008 the 30th Knokke-heist International Photography Festival Exhibition of Photography , Belgium 

2017 Self Expression Invitation Competition , UK Saatchi Gallery ( Net Exhibition )

2018 first November Salon International Exhibition of Photography ,India

2021  ATLAS CIRCUIT of International Photoraphy,India 




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