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Trayko Popov

Sofia, Bulgaria
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
« "My painting is my version of reality. Or, better said, it is the world as I like to see it." »

Trayko Popov is a contemporary award-winning Bulgarian painter. For him, the illusion of existence rests somewhere between discovering the game of light, colors, and objects. He paints colorful characters, toys, landscapes, and everything else that catches his attention, guided by his emotions. Popov uses a variety of techniques to create his surreal and comical works.

Trayko Popov was born in 1955, in Bulgaria. He won numerous award for his works so far: Grand Prize at National exhibition in Sofia Bulgaria and Special Award funded by Muzeum Karykatury im. E. Lipiński in Warsaw "LIGHT" Poland in 2018; First Prize at Cartoon contest “Black Humor” Romania, Second Prize at 2nd International Cartoon Contest in Croatia, Grand Prize for Cartoon-23th International Biennial of Humor and Satire in Art Bulgaria in 2017; Third Prize-7th LIMES Cartoon Competition in Berlin Germany, Award EXCELLENCY-The HumoDeva International Cartoon Contest Romania in 2016; etc.

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