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Katwrina Golban

Кишинев, Молдова
Художник (Картина, Цифровое искусство)
Родился в неизвестная дата
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Katwrina Golban was born in 1988 in Moldova, where there are many vineyards and ruby-rich soil. My homeland is famous for the famous Purcari, Cricova, Castel Mimi wines. After completing technical studies and studying engineering design, she continued her development in the field of interior design and engineering design. At a young age, Katwrina Golban recognized her versatile creativity in many areas. But only since the end of 2020, she came to life and began her journey into the world of art, and began to demonstrate her creative repertoire, painting in many bright colors and shapes. Since then, art has become her passion, which gives her balance and strength.The variety of bird voices, the bright sun and love inspire and entertain her every day in a new way. She especially enjoys designing and decorating interiors with her concept paintings. After such a short time, Katwrina Golban continues to work in the field of industrial design and painting, her paintings are in private collections of friends, as well as collectors from all over Europe.

Откройте для себя современные произведения искусства от Katwrina Golban, посмотрите последние работы и купите онлайн. Категории: современные молдавские художники (родился в неизвестная дата). Художественные домены: Картина, Цифровое искусство. Тип учётной записи: Художник , зарегистрирован 2021 (Страна происхождения Молдова). Купить последние работы Katwrina Golban на Artmajeur: Откройте для себя потрясающие произведения современного художника Katwrina Golban: . Просматривайте его художественные произведения, покупайте оригинальные работы или высококачественные репродукции.

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