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Teresa Freedom

Rocky Hill, Connecticut, United States
Artist (Painting)
Born 1949

Teresa Freedom is a self-styled painter with a life-long interest in art. Originally from Massachusetts, she has traveled the US extensively gathering inspiration and experience. Her journey has included years of work in the graphics/printing trade. Teresa employs this background within her art as evidenced by clean lines and balanced design. Yet she stretches the classic "hard line" graphics to a more fluid interpretation. Although often simple in content, her works reflect "in bold sweeping strokes and vibrant color" an emotional view of her world, fixed permanently in oil on canvas.

Ms Freedom has embraced the diverse life of a wanderer. She has found her muse in the imaginings of the universe - hidden in the subtleties of a Maui rain forest, demonstrated in the terrain of a petal and residing within the towering human diversions of urban sprawl. Her stylized renderings remain an evolving kaleidoscope of color and concept. "If I can draw a response from another with my imagery, then I have succeeded. My objective is to represent the essence of life and humanity by capturing the fickle twists of emotion within color and shape. Perhaps sometimes to disturb ... just a little.”

Recent projects include her continued work in oil, the animation of her children's stories, and a video film production endeavor. "There is art everywhere - my job is to define and present an image - knowing full well that image is open to the viewer’s interpretation. I welcome and encourage this participation. It’s the excitement, the frustration and the fulfillment of creating art.”

Discriminating buyers throughout the world have collected Teresa’s works. Prints have been purchased as far away as Italy, Sweden, and Germany and her originals reside in homes from Maine to Maui. One of her more "fun" pieces enlivens the atmosphere of Lappert's in Kihei, HI and she has been privileged to be a part of the Sabado Murals of Molokai, HI., the Iao Valley Signage and Kaiser Permanente Maile Mural of Maui, HI.

She has been exhibited in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Stamford, Portland (Maine and Washington) Wailuku, Lahaina and Paia on Maui. Her published works include a book of art and poetry, "Shadows Mask Only Our Fears"; a children's story, "The Mouse Who Wanted to Fly"; and a limited edition print series entitled "Introspection".

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