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Natasha Sokolnikova

Olching, Germany
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born 1976
Inspired by the silent relationship between humans and other creatures of nature.

My name is Natasha Sokolnikova and I am an Artist. I graduated from the School of Fine Arts “Alexei Sciusev”, Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) with the highest score and further The University of Humanitarian Knowledge. Now I live and work in Munich, Germany.

One of my greatest strengths as an artist is the combination of classical education and my own vision of the surrounding world. I am a fan of travelling and it gives me chance to acknowledge with a widest range of different cultures. That experience also helps to understand art trends nowadays.

The theme of love, female identity, the emotional power of color, visual insight attract my way in art. I love flowers and it seems to me female soul lives in them, who cannot speak, but mentally communicates with the one who stopped his eyes on them. The theme of animalism in my works based on the silent relationship between people and creatures of nature.

Painting and drawing lead me to a special unique state, as if you leave your own body and observe yourself from the side, the physical world with its coordinate system of space and time ceases to exist. Most of all I love the moment when a mystical transformation takes place in the canvas and I understand that it is no longer just a technical work, but a creature that radiates its own energy and has the right to life. 

I really want to find a home for such paintings, where it will interact with its owners. If I feel happiness due that process I should share it with other people. Personal reasons prompted me to create, consciously and with a splash of unspent love, admiration for the universe, and diverse range of feelings. Therefore, I am very anxious about my works. It is important for me that they live outside my personal space. They are my physical footprint on earth.

My artworks are in private collections in USA, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Republic of Moldova, etc. 

*It was a great honor to participate from Moldova in international art project Reflections_for_change. 

*I am the first artist from Moldova included in Lunar Codex Project. With over 7000 works from 53 countries my artwork "Crystal chimes" will be digitized and loaded onboard The Lunar Codex Time Capsule under the Polaris collection scheduled to land on the Moon y 2024.I can speak English, Russian, Romanian, Ukranian and study German.

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