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Jafeth Moiane

Matola Rio, Mozambique
Artist (Painting, Sculpture)
Born unknown date
Art is my passion

I am Mozambican (Mozambique-Southern African country) and I live here in Mozambique.

I am Painting Artist.

I started to drawing and painting in 1976 during my Primary School Studies.

During my Primary School Studies in 1977 I liked very much to drawing or painting.

I had a Painting Course of painting in 1984- 1985 ( Pencil, watercolor, oil and acrylic).
Later in 2013 I had a Batik Painting Course.

I am participating since 2007 regularly in Exhibitions across Mozambique.

Nowadays, my paintings are dedicated to the people of CABO DELGADO Province- PALMA District- NORTH OF MOZAMBIQUE where TOTAL- French Company is building the Biggest Gas and Oil project in Africa and World. The women and children are brutality killed by terrorists. Since 2017 tens of thousands of people were killed and more than 700.000 people fled to other parts of the country without nothing, only clothes in theirs bodies. This is a humanitarian crise.

My paintings is the scream for the end of this genocide, peace and development for my country- MOZAMBIQUE.

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