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Svetlana Kochergina

Paris, France
Artist (Painting)
Born 1984
A painting is a visible poem

Svetlana Kochergina born in 1984 In Vladivostok, graduated in Fine Arts at Sorbonne University, currently lives and works in Paris.

I explore issues of the unconscious and faith in a broad sense. faith as a personal illusion in which each person lives. faith as the modern myth that we believe in and are forced to believe in by those around us. i am interested in the unveiling or expansion of the myth. That is why the human psyche so complex with its dreams, its past, its memories, its futures are at the center of my research. I marry poetry and painting, the figurative and the abstract. My figurative works deal with the notions of myth and revelation in modern meta society and combine

I mainly paint in oil or mixed media on linen canvas in large format. I usually work from the stain, which means that I start by putting the color patches in the abstract way, I make my abstract composition without knowing beforehand what will come to settle on the canvas. I let my subconscious do all the work for me. Little by little, all the current events or my feelings or the desire to escape come to settle on the canvas. I can work with randomly found references to insert them or imagine them, then I want everything to be very figurative, very well done, and once that is done, I reintroduce the abstract poetic elements that complete the canvas. Small abstract elements invisible to the eye in "reality" often inhabiting my canvases are energies, memories, emotions, pieces of fabric of what we were yesterday and what we will become tomorrow. These are the elements that make up our beliefs and illusions about this world, they symbolize the vital joy of our nature, our triumphant expectations, our moments of insite, sadness or happiness, our blockages and losses, in short, the fabrics of our constantly changing realities.

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