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Josephine Estelle

New Jersey, United States
Artist (Digital Arts)
Born unknown date
In order to see the world differently, you must first let go of how you’ve seen it in the past.

I create art to release and bring life to my ideas, imagination and dreams.  Being out and observing nature awakens my senses and ignites my creativity and imagination.  I’m most creative when in a flow state of positivity, gratitude and appreciation for the natural world around me.

I create art using many types of media including watercolor, acrylics, inks, and digital media.  I am passionate about creating beautiful images and paintings.  I find great satisfaction in using my imagination and dreams to bring life and energy to my artwork.  

Many of the pieces you see here were created with the help of ai rendering along with my own digital painting, touchups and alterations.  You’ll also see prints of my Watercolor paintings, Illustrations and Alcohol Ink paintings.  

I hope viewing and displaying my art on your walls awakens memories, feelings and emotions deep within your soul and raises the positive energy of your home.  

Thank you for stopping by!  

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