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Ilgvars Zalans

Riga, Latvia
Artist (Painting, Installation)
Born 1962

Ilgvars Zalans is a contemporary Latvian painter. Zalans is one of the most influential expressionist painters in northern Europe. He was influenced by the Gutai group, the Fluxus movement, and other modern art activists during the course of his career, and has since gravitated more toward the action-painting scene. With his live action painting performances, Ilgvars Zalans has done a 33-country global tour since 2007.

Zalans prefers to use fundamental, archetypal, and universal themes and motifs in his artwork as opposed to those that are influenced by society. He held national and international exhibitions of his work, in the United States, Germany, Denmark, Argentina, Russia, Japan, China, Indonesia, and South Korea. Additionally, his artwork was on display at Scope Basel, Scope Miami Beach, and Art Copenhagen, the Scandinavia's International Art Fair for Contemporary & Modern Art.

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