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Huy, Belgium
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date

Evers Cynthia is a contemporary Belgian painter. Sensitivity takes precedence above all else in her work: sensitivity to the frame and to the light, sensitivity to the other and to oneself, concern for the finished work as well as for the position and the sensation of the viewer. Off-framing, allusions, back or three-quarter poses: many things in the choices of Evers who practices almost exclusively acrylic on canvas - say modesty and restraint, but signal at the same time an immense attention to detail, a certain taste for meticulousness, an attraction for large formats

By playing on the ambiguity of female hands versus male hands, she opens the door to gender equality and the freedom for everyone to do as they please, regardless of whether the activity is generally thought of as feminine or masculine. Her preference for feet and hands is a way of not sexing the attributes of contact, the expression of tenderness.

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