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María Eugenia Piacentini Veron

Málaga, España
Artista (Escultura, Diseño)
Nacido en 1981

Self-taught: Since I was 8 years old I have been experimenting with the world of sculpture. I initially worked with numerous malleable materials, developing over time a style that was simultaneously intrepid and always open to evolution. My trademark is the assertion of expression, with a focus on movement, tension and attention to detail. Hyper-realism has always been one of my fascinations and objectives, primarily as a means of impacting more directly on the fibres of human perception. I believe everything that can be imagined, exists, and for that reason alone the creative act itself impregnates my existence with life force and establishes a channel for communication. I hope that those who take an interest in my work can also take inspiration from the message I am attempting to convey.

Descubra obras de arte contemporáneas de María Eugenia Piacentini Veron, explore obras de arte recientes y compre en línea. Categorías: artistas españoles contemporáneos (nacido en 1981). Dominios artísticos: Escultura, Diseño. Tipo de cuenta: Artista , miembro desde el 2011 (País de origen Argentina). Compre los últimos trabajos de María Eugenia Piacentini Veron en Artmajeur: María Eugenia Piacentini Veron: Descubre impresionantes obras del artista contemporáneo. Explorar obras de arte, comprar obras originales o impresiones de alto nivel.

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