How to update my payment information for a subscription?

You have changed your bank account or bank card and want to update the payment information to pay a subscription to Artmajeur

If you pay by Credit Card
  1. Go to section: "My Account > My Purchases"
  2. Cancel your existing subscription (or you can simply wait for your subscription to expire)
  3. Recreate a new subscription immediately with the RENEW button.
    NB: If your previous subscription was still valid, the new subscription will start at the end of the first subscription: your previously paid period will be postponed.

If you pay by PAYPAL
  1. Login to your Paypal account
  2. Go to your wallet to add or update your credit card with the new one
  3. Locate your Artmajeur subscription and set the new credit card as funding source

If you pay by automatic BANK TRANSFER
  1. Login to bank's account (or go to your bank)
  2. Stop the existing automatic bank transfer
  3. Create a new automatic bank transfer, from the new account

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