As a professional, do I have to pay VAT (or intra-community VAT)?

For residents Outside Europe, no VAT is charged.

For European residents, Artmajeur charges the VAT of your country of residence (intra-community VAT). Professionals can get a VAT return in their country of residence.

I have an intra-community VAT number, do I still have to pay VAT?

Yes, you must pay our services with VAT in your country of residence. We can not deduct VAT, even if provide an intra-community VAT number.

How can I recover VAT?

The VAT of your country of residence is always indicated on the invoices is indicated on your invoice. If you are a professional, resident of the European Union, you can thus pass the VAT in accounting, and recover it on your local Tax service (just like any other VAT amount).

If you are an individual resident in Europe, you must still pay VAT in your country of residence, you can not recover it.

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