How to declare my earnings / copyrights / royalties?

Supplier status
When you sell prints on Artmajeur, you are a supplier of Artmajeur: you are paid by the royalties (margins or copyrights) that you set on the section: My Account > Sales > Prints.

Customers who purchase prints are not your direct customers, they are customers of Artmajeur.

The royalties are paid to you in 30 days, the authors' rights are subjected to the VAT and appear on the invoices. It is up to you to declare your income according to your obligations, according to your tax situation.

As a supplier, it is up to you to provide an invoice to Artmajeur to request the payment of your copyright. In practice, we automatically generate for you a supplier invoice that will appear on section: My Account > Sales > Print Service. You can use this invoice for your accounting or in case of verification by the tax autorities.

Do I have to declare my income?
Yes, you are responsible to declare any revenue in your yearly income declaration. Experience shows that there is an implicit tolerance on the part of the administration, as long as the revenues from copyright do not justify the creation of dedicated professional activity, but we recommend that you always declare your income to avoid surprises.

Our service is not intended to replace an accounting expert, who will be the only one able to inform you about your particular situation and statements to be made to be in good standing with the tax authorities of your country of residence.

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