Why can an account be suspended?

Who suspends accounts?
Accounts are suspended automatically, or by our moderation team when content or behaviour that does not respect the terms of use is reported.

Why has my account been suspended?
When your account is suspended, the main reason (s) are indicated in the notification you receive.

How long will the suspension last?
It depends on the nature and the seriousness of the non-compliance with the rules of use. Some suspensions may be final.

I have valid paid services, will I receive a refund?
No, suspensions for non-compliance with the rules of use do not give the right to any refund or compensation.

I have an active domain name, can I recover my domain name?
Yes, if you have a valid domain name, you can request a transfer.

Can I ask to have the suspension lifted on my account?
Yes, write to support for this, indicating the measures you will take to comply with the terms of use and the moderation team will study your case.

Is the lifting of a suspension automatic?
No, the lifting of a suspension is not automatic. The suspension will only be lifted after the moderation team has studied your file.
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