How do I manage my subscription to mailing lists?

How do I subscribe to the art lovers mailing list?

To subscribe to the mailing list, enter your email in the registration form that appears at the bottom of the site pages:

How to unsubscribe from a mailing list?

When you receive a newsletter on your email, use the unsubscribe link that appears at the bottom of the message to cancel your subscription.

How can I change my email or the language of the messages?

You just have to register again, with the same email if you simply want to update the language, or with another email if you want to receive the newsletter on another email. The language will be updated automatically. If you wish to cancel sending to the old email, you must use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the messages received with the old email.

Mailing list of artists and sellers

If you are an artist or a gallery and you sell works on Artmajeur, you can also subscribe to the mailing list of sellers. Messages are sent in the language of your account. To manage your subscription to the mailing list of sellers, use the section: MY ACCOUNT > NOTIFICATIONS > MANAGE NOTIFICATIONS.

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