How to report a bug / technical problem?

Before reporting a bug, please check the online documentation at 
The more accurately you report the problem, the faster our team can solve it! 

Please make sure the problem is not linked to your configuration:  
  1. Make sure the address of the page you are using is spelled correctly
  2. Make sure the problem recurs more than once
  3. Try clearing your browser cache, then try again
  4. Try another browser
  5. Try from another computer / mobile phone

 If the problem persists, you can report it to our technical team:
  • Please indicate the EXACT ADDRESS of the page where the problem appears (the address must start with ...)
  • Explain the course of action that will allow us to reproduce and see the problem
  • Indicate any error messages you may have received
  • Specify the configuration of your computer/browser used

Need help?

Friendly support staff is available to answer all your questions:

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