Data Privacy Management

Artmajeur has a very strong commitment to privacy, you can access our full privacy policy on the following page:

Are my data protected on Artmajeur?
YES, all the data you indicate on Artmajeur are stored on a database that is declared to the CNIL (official organization managing private data) and follows the RGPD guidelines.

All the data loaded on Artmajeur are stored on ultra-secure N4 class installations complying with the APSAD R4 standard. Access is strictly limited and secure against all attempts of physical or digital intrusions. All data is backed up redundantly (data is replicated up to 5 times using RAID technology).

Is my data resold to others for targeted advertising?
NO, Artmajeur does not resell user data, our business model is based solely on the sale of services, and commerce (sale of original works, art prints). Companies that finance themselves with advertising (Facebook, Google etc ...) need your data to better target and sell more advertising: this is not our case!

My email, mailing address or phone: are they available to the public?
NO, no personal data is displayed to the public. Members may choose to display their address or phone if they wish to receive public at their studio or gallery: It is up to you to decide.

Is my information transmitted to the state or other official bodies?
NO, your information is not transmitted to any organization, except upon the request of a court when there is an official investigation, in strict compliance with the law.

Can all employees at Artmajeur access my data?
NO, only employees dedicated to a specific assignment (technical support, billing, sales support) can access a member's account when it's needed to resolve a problem you've reported or if you need help with your account for example.

Is it possible to know my password?
NO, passwords are stored in a highly encrypted way, it is impossible to decrypt them. This is the reason why if you forget your password, it is not possible to "recover" it: you must reset it.

NB: the Artmajeur team will never ask you for your password by email or chat.

Is my payment information registered by Artmajeur?
NO, the law prohibits European companies from keeping credit card information. All payment information is kept by an authorized independent service provider which has the banking license according to the European Commission standards.

NB: the Artmajeur team will never ask you for your payment information by email or chat.

Why Artmajeur asks me for personal contact data (phone, address)?
Artmajeur is a merchant site that allows customers to buy works from sellers. We are forced for legal reasons to know who are the sellers and buyers, in order to avoid the sale of stolen property, counterfeit etc ... And apart from the legal aspects, we also need to be able to contact you quickly in order to resolve situations that often appear when selling prints or selling original works! (confirmation of the delivery address, parcel stuck at the customs, refused payment card etc ...).

If I close my account, will my personal data be deleted?
YES, when you close your account, only legal information is kept like invoices for the payment you have made. All your personal data and all your images are permanently deleted.

Is it true that if someone knows my email address or my IP address, he can access my account?
No, it is wrong. The email and password are both needed to access your account.

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