How to contact support or get help quickly?

First, browse the online help

A lot of questions are already answered on the online help, before contacting the support, always check on the online help your question is already present, you have immediately an answer without waiting!

Note the address of the online help:

Always check the online help before contacting support

If the answer to your question is in the online help, the support will only redirect you to the online help, and you'll just have to wait for the answer longer!

If the answer to your question is not in the online help, you can contact support: to receive a quick response, it is essential that we understand who you are, and what is the problem you are experiencing.

Identify yourself correctly to support

If you contact the support with a different name or email then your Artmajeur account, we have no way to make the connection, so we can not know which account it is!

Very Important: Make sure you always contact support from the same name and email as the corresponding Artmajeur account!

Make sure your problem is well formulated

We often receive messages that we can not process because we have no information to understand the problem! For example :





We can not answer this type of question at all, it ends up causing our messages to go back and forth and waste time!

So be sure to formulate your problem, with a complete sentence that fully describes the problem and its context.

To correctly describe a problem, you can check the following page: report a bug.

Answer our messages "above the line"

When we send you a reply, the system detects the answers and orders them in a legible way, but it is necessary to always answer at the top of the message, above the top line of the message, otherwise, your answer can not be read by the support program!

Reply to an existing ticket, do not create multiple tickets

If you have a ticket already underway, always reply to this ticket: do not create a new ticket, and do not send a new email to each reply! If a new ticket is created for each reply, we can not access the information you have provided in your previous messages. Always be sure to reply to one ticket until the problem is resolved. As a rule, 1 problem = 1 support ticket.

Need help?

Friendly support staff is available to answer all your questions:

Help Center Message +33 (0)95 095 9966